Car Moving Check List

• Fold in Your Mirrors.
• Add antifreeze to your vehicle if it is going to be shipped to or through somewhere that is cold.
• Make sure you have less than a quarter of gas in your tank; if you do not then you may be charged with extra fees.
• Remove all antennas that do not retract as they can be broken or damaged in transport.
• Any alarm systems and radar detectors must be disabled. This will ensure that the battery in your car will not die.
• Check all fluids, the tire pressure, and make sure that the battery is charged.

• Let the Car Moving Company know if there is anything odd or different about your vehicle so that they can properly handle your vehicle at all times.
• Tell the Auto Moving if your vehicle is leaking any fluids.

• If you have a convertible make sure that all holes in the top of it are covered up so that the interior does not get ruined and also make sure that the top is secure so that it does not fly off or get damaged in any way.
• If your vehicle is oversized, has any special modifications, or is not operable, be sure to include this information on the Car Moving quote form.
• If your vehicle is custom, rare, or a classic you may consider shipping your car enclosed to protect your vehicle from the elements of an open carrier.

Final things to consider:
Check to make sure that you have complied with the regulations of the Auto Moving Company that is transporting your vehicle. They may have further specifications or require less than listed here. Also, be sure to keep an extra set of keys for yourself in addition to the set that you give to your driver. Remember to remove any items from your car because they will not be insured during the transport of your vehicle.

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